Cabin & Bunk Reservation Form

The Relay For Life Family Fun Fair hosted by Purple Tears Team will run from April 9th – 17th, 2016. During the fair there will be daily events, games, rides, food, contests, prizes, performances, concerts, and more! Cabins for Groups or Bunks for individuals will be available to rent, for those who would like to stay at the fairgrounds and enjoy a unique camping experience. 100% of all fees and donations go towards Relay For Life in support of The American Cancer Society.

Rental Information:
Cabins – L$5,000 for 250 Prims
Bunks – L$1,000 for 50 Prims

If you would like to reserve a Cabin for your group or a bunk for yourself, please fill in the form below. If an opening is available, you will be contacted and given a group invite upon receiving payment.

Cabin & Bunk Reservation Form